Trigger Leads


What are trigger leads?


I bet you have heard the term trigger leads giving that you are here reading this article.

A lead is generated when a lender pulls a copy of a client or customers credit report making a hard inquiry relative to a new mortgage, mortgage refinance, insurance or auto loan.

These leads are then available for sale to other mortgage loan officers, insurance agents or auto dealers 24 hours after your credit report was pulled and up to 30 days.

These leads provide the client with competing offers. This allows the client to get the best possible rate for their next loan. You may be contacted with additional offers what better way to get the best deal then by comparing companies, interest rates etc.

If you are a consumer who does not wish to receive unsolicited telephone calls or mailings, you can opt out. The leads are scrubbed against the national do-not-call list so your phone number will not be available if you are on the DNC.

The companies who purchase the trigger leads must complete a rigorous compliance application to ensure the leads are sent only to legitimate companies authorized to receive the data.

1. You can submit an online form at OPT-OUT Website

2. You can opt out permanently by completing a separate form at the same Web site OPT OUT website. Print, sign and mail the letter to confirm your opt-out request. Each opt-out method takes effect in about five business days, so if you don’t want your information to be sold, you need to opt-out at least five days before you have your credit pulled.

Whatever side you are on regarding leads of this type They are here to stay and knowledge gives you the power to make a decision on this subject either way.

We hope this helps answer the question, what are trigger leads and provides a little background.



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