Trigger Leads


Trigger Leads

Our trigger lead program is a complete solution enabling your   dealership, mortgage company/lender to sell more. We filter your list to reach your preferred customer using your selected criteria sending out a first class mailer on behalf of your company. We then upload the mailing list into your CRM daily or send them to your dealership via email using secured password protected software. We provide DNC scrubbed phone numbers and email addresses where available so you can contact potential clients and have the confidence to know you are compliant with all laws. In addition you can send out or we can send out on your behalf an email campaign. We provide each lead with a PURL landing page thus increasing your ROI. Each mailer also has a PURL Landing page. Our program has been proven successful. If you are tired of trying to figure out how to get this program off the ground we can help you.

We will meet or beat your current price on leads.

We pull leads daily and provide your company in market credit filtered clients who can qualify for your products and services. This cuts down on dealing with all of the clients that can not qualify for a loans, saving you time and money.

Delivered daily to your CRM

We deliver the leads to you daily, via secure FTP. We can work with your CRM to setup delivery of your data. Also we can arrange to do custom requests with our IT department. We offer custom programming for your CRM. We can do custom program requests call us for a no obligation quote.

Types of Triggers

Trigger leads are a great way to give the buyer a second chance, and to get the best possible rate and service from multiple auto, mortgage. We provide:

These are the different types of triggers available to date. They can only be sold to a mortgage broker/lender an auto dealer. Because of this there is an approval process. The leads are regulated by the consumer protection agency and they require us to gather information proving who we sold them too. Anyone who is not doing this is putting your company at risk. Be sure to only work with companies who require you to be approved. We have been through this process many times and can show you how to cut down on the amount of time it takes to get your company up and running.

What are trigger leads?

A trigger is made when someone has a hard inquiry into there credit for one of the above types of leads. This lead then becomes available to you to you the next day. Allowing you to make a firm offer of credit to them. This give the customer a second chance at receiving a better rate or price from your company. This is good for the customer and good for the companies trying to increase their business. Its easier to sell people who are actively shopping for your product and service. That have been filtered according to your chosen criteria.

We are your one stop shop providing you with a complete solution from pulling leads all the way to the Post Office. We will provide you with superior service and quality. What other type of lead will provide you with customers who are actively shopping for your product or service.

We have been in business over 20 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! We want to earn you as a Long Term Customer. Providing you with the freshest, most accurate data available from a compliant partner. Call us to get started. 423-406-1544


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