Specialty Leads


Specialty Leads

We have many different resources available to us.  Sometimes a resident, business or consumer list doesn't suit your needs. We've solved that dilemma with a comprehensive collection of specialty leads. We have many specialty leads to choose from below are some of the leads that we carry. There are too many to mention all of them here. If you have a specialty lead that you are looking for contact us we might have what you are looking for.

Buying Behavior & Interest Leads: This targeted consumer database is the first multi-dimensional lifestyle database that identifies consumer interests using purchase data from a variety of transactional sources. Select the best prospects for your mailing from close to 100 buying behavior and interest selections.

Bankruptcy leads: This file is updated monthly with Bankruptcy Filers, Discharges, Dismissals and Conversions. 8,200,000 records with household demographic information included.

Government Agency Leads: Virtually every government agency in the United States.

Hispanic Leads: By applying the latest ethnic identification technology, we have identified close to 10,000,000 Hispanic households in the United States. Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. with more than $300 billion in buying power. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Lawyers Leads: Office Based. This file consists of 600,000+ lawyers. This file includes sole practitioners and lawyers in law firms. Selections are available by individual specialty, firm size, and telephone numbers.

Licensed Pilots Leads: This file consists of 540,000+ licensed pilots. Select by license type: air line transport pilots, commercial pilots, flight engineers, flight instructors, flight navigators, private pilots, recreational pilots, and student pilots.

American New Movers Plus: The American New Mover Plus database is compiled using more UNIQUE sources than any other new mover file on the market. Three Primary Sources: Source 1 Nationwide New Connect / Utility Data Source 2 Nationwide New Connect / Utility Data Source 3 Magazine Subscriber Move Data. File retains 12 weeks of new mover data.

Mortgage Hotlines: The Mortgage Hotline database allows you to gain quick access to those individuals who have recently been involved in a real estate transaction. In many cases individuals involved in real estate transactions have available funding and are eager to purchase products and services immediately. The Mortgage Hotline database allows you to select records that are new to the file.

Residential New Connects: The Residential New Connect File is created from our raw feed of New Phone Connects/Disconnects consisting of more than 800,000 records weekly. There are 7 types of New Connects/Disconnects to choose from: New Connect, New Location, Changed Listing, Additional Line, Move Disconnect, Removed Line, and Non Published. Select the most recent update or go back 12 weeks.

6 Month New Borrower File:
Our 6 month New Refi/Equity Borrowers file contains the most up-to-date real property information directly from U.S. County Recorder's offices. Because we update the file weekly, you're sure to get the freshest data available. Since New Borrowers have just gained a substantial amount of buying power, they make a great target for marketers of home improvements, appliances, furniture and more. Note: Some states restrict the availability of some loan related data. Those "non disclosure" states are: TX, KS, NM, UT and WY.

Resident Occupant Lists: At virtually 100% coverage, The Resident Occupant List reaches virtually every household in America and is the most accurate saturation consumer mailing list available. Updated monthly via the U.S. Postal Service, and edited through a proprietary system, resulting in accuracy that is second to none.

Prior Week`s New Borrowers: Our Prior Week's database is updated weekly and contains just the newest, freshest, up-to-the minute records available. Since New Borrowers have just gained a substantial amount of buying power, they make a great target for marketers of home improvements, appliances, furniture and more.

Mortgage Leads:
Our Mortgage Database is sourced from the county recorder and assessor records across the nation.  It is compiled on a monthly basis and contains information on over 50 million U.S. homeowners.  The file contains over 30 mortgage and property related selections in addition to household and individual demographic criteria.

New Homeowner Leads:
Our 6 Month New Homeowner Masterfile is updated on a weekly basis and includes information on homes purchased within the last 6 months.  The file contains the most up-to-date real property information directly from U.S. County Recorder's offices. 

New Mover Leads:
Our 6 Month New Mover Masterfile is refreshed on a monthly basis. At that time the majority of our new records are added and records appearing on the file for more than six months are deleted.  General release of the file is scheduled for the 4th Friday of each month and is available on AlescoLeads the following Monday. A release calendar is available through the AlescoLeads Support Team, if needed.
NOTE: New phone numbers are added the week AFTER the monthly rebuild.

Nurses and Healthcare Professionals:
The LISTS Database includes over 7.5 million Nurses and Healthcare Professionals. The Database contains 95% Home addresses. Demographics include Age, Income, Gender, Telephone Numbers and Specialties. The Files are updated and NCOA'd quarterly.

Experian Consumer lists:
Experian's consumer database includes approximately 215 million consumers in 110 million living units nationwide.  Our complete coverage allows clients to demographically segment their list to reach the best prospects for their products and services. Target by age, gender, estimated income, marital status, dwelling type and more. The vast quantity of names on this database and its varied selection capabilities make this one of the largest and most flexible databases on the market today. Minimum requirement of 250 records per order. 

Experian US Business lists:
Information is available for more than 14 million U.S. businesses. The database contains more than 50 fields of information. Virtually every business, no mater how small, large or newly established is included in the database.

Experian New Homeowners leads:
Experian's New Homeowners DatabaseSM is compiled from public records, including warranty and security deeds, giving you the most recent and accurate homeowner information available today. With approximately 350,000 added each month — this database enables marketers to target the most recent new homeowners. In certain areas, updates are available weekly.The New Homeowners Database also gives you access to second mortgages, investment property, private-party lenders and seller carry-backs. Minimum requirement of 250 records per order. 

Experian New Movers Leads:
Use Experian’s New Movers DatabaseSM  to access a fresh source of recently reported new movers. Target by distance of move, whether the move was local or out of state, or type of dwelling moved from and to. Refine your universe further with demographic selects. The New Mover Database is available as a 30 day hotline or can be selected for any time period during the last 12 months.  Minimum requirement of 250 records per order. 

BehaviorBank Database®:
With coverage on more than 47 million households BehaviorBank® is one of the nation's largest repositories of consumer-supplied behavioral information, delivering responsive and highly qualified prospects. BehaviorBank includes responsive consumers who have completed surveys on their leisure activities, brand preferences, computer ownership, occupations, ailments, diet and fitness, financial products, reading preferences and more. Minimum requirement of 250 records per order. 

MCH Business-to-Institution (B2i) Database:
More than one million institutions in a familiar B2B-style format. Choose from the most popular job functions, including Chief Administrator, Human Resources Director, Information Technology Director, Purchasing Director, and more. The database includes hospitals, schools, churches, local government offices, nursing homes, medical practices, and more.

MCH Government Office Database:
MCH's unique database of city and county government officials with detailed department selections and dozens of specialized job functions.

MCH Hospital Database:
The MCH Hospital file provides comprehensive, phone-verified contact information for more than 350,000 professionals in America's 7,200 hospitals. MCH phones each hospital four times each year with extensive surveys to provide the most powerful hospital marketing database available.

MCH Nursing Home and Retirement Home Database:
Target more than 200,000 decision makers at Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Retirement Homes with this powerful, 100% telephone-verified database. Select your list based on job functions such as Chief Administrator, Nursing Services Director, and Human Resources Director or institution selections including Capacity, Alzheimer's Care, and Physical Therapy Services.

MCH Religion list:
More than 250,000 pastors, priests, rabbis, and other clergy at houses of worship, selectable by denominational affiliation and other specialized selections.

MCH School Database:
Reach more than 4 million school decision makers at American public, private, and Catholic schools. Select your target audience using dozens of precision attributes and hundreds of job functions from Principal to Head Custodian, from Pre-Kindergarten Teacher to Adult Education Teacher.

MCH School District Database:
Now featuring the QED Education Database. MCH's 100% telephone-verified database of more than 200,000 school district decision makers. Select your target audience using precision attributes and job functions including Superintendent, Human Resources Director, Curriculum Director, Computer/Technology Director and dozens more.

MCH Medical Practice Database:
Featuring more than 800,000 physicians by specialty, this multi-source medical practice database has selections including annual sales volume, practice size, and type of degree. You can also target your offers to more than 200,000 office managers who make or influence non-medical purchasing decisions.

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