Mortgage Leads


Mortgage Leads

Mortgage leads targeting customers in market to purchase a new home. We carry Mortgage Leadsmany types of mortgage Leads. Some of the mortgage leads that we carry are prescreen leads or (credit score leads), targeting people with a firm offer of credit. You can filter the leads by Credit Score, Loan type, Lender Name, (FHA, FMHA, VA, ARM) also you can filter loan Balance, LTV, Revolving debt. You can choose to eliminate refinances, bankrupticies and much more. There are a lot of ways you can target your ideal customer. For a complete list of available attributes click here.

We help you find clients

Would you like to work with only serious buyers? Would you like to work with qualified clients. Clients that can qualify for a loan. Targeting clients that can qualify to purchase a new home saves you money and time. This is how we add value to your marketing. We have many ways to target mortgage leads. To help you connect with only serious buyers who can qualifiy for a loan. Contact us to see how we can add value to your bottom line.

Mortgage Approval Process

There is an approval process to obtain credit leads. Once approved you are required to offer the potential customer a firm offer of credit. You are offering this based upon the leads that we provide you and your choosen criteria. This is what the firm offer is based upon. That the customer meets your lending criteria allowing you to make the firm offer of credit.

Only mortgage companies and qualified lenders may legally purchase credit leads. Anyone selling this data and not doing this, is not doing it legally, which puts you and your company at risk. If you would like to get your company approved, please Fill out this form.

If you are interested in purchasing mortgage leads of any kind and have questions give us a call. Our friendly staff will work hard to make sure you have the right lead for your next campaign. Our number one concern is that we bring value to your company. We bring you top notch service in getting counts back in a timely fashion. Getting the right attributes so your list is accurate and delivered in the time frame you need.

Remember there is a an approval process so if you want to start your campaign by a certain date. You will want to move forward as soon as possible. The approval process can take up to three weeks. Once your company is vetted we can pull data for you and you will have the competitive edge on companies that have not been vetted.

We look forward to working with your company. If you have any questions, please contact us 423-406-1544.

Need direct mail? We also offer these services along with complete printing and design. We can quote you on any size job. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.

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